our values

Versova is committed to providing families across the nation with the highest-quality eggs. We are firmly dedicated to responsible farming. That means producing safe eggs, maintaining the health and well-being of our flocks and protecting the land, air and water resources around our farms.

Animal Care

Our first responsibility as egg farmers is to ensure the welfare and humane treatment of our hens. To produce quality eggs, our hens must be healthy and safe. Hens on our farms live in temperature-controlled barns, where they are protected from predators and disease and have constant access to fresh food and water. Flocks are monitored on a daily basis, and our two full-time company veterinarians quickly address any medical or health concerns.

At our farms, we consistently strive to raise the bar. Our farms participate in the United Egg Producers Certified Animal Welfare program, which sets some of the strictest standards in egg farming for hen health and well-being. Our flocks are raised in a variety of housing environments, including traditional and cage-free barn housing. Regardless, hens are cared for under high standards of animal care, as certified by respected organizations including UEP Certified, Certified Humane and others. This is just part of Versova’s commitment to doing what is right for our flocks and being a leader in egg production.


Looking to the future, Versova is constantly looking for ways to innovate and use new technology on our farms to conserve resources and to enhance the community and environment around us.

We have an ethical obligation to leave the land to future generations in better shape than it is today. We have created effective manure management systems by working with local soil and water conservation agencies, and we compost and recycle whenever possible.

Our farms are in communities where our families and our employees live, work and play, which means it is our shared responsibility to identify and implement practices to protect the air and water around us.

Egg Safety

Food safety is a top priority at Versova. We recognize that assuring the safety of the foods we produce is among the most important commitments we can make to our customers and is essential to maintaining their confidence in us.

To ensure that our farms produce the safest, highest-quality eggs, Versova participates in national quality assurance programs and implements additional on-farm egg safety practices, including:

  • Following the FDA Egg Safety Rule regulations;
  • Implementing a comprehensive on-farm biosecurity program to ensure safety of our birds, employees and eggs;
  • Participating in a Salmonella Enteriditis (SE) prevention program, including testing and vaccinating our flocks against Salmonella;
  • Implementing a full Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program;
  • Maintaining SQF Level 3 Certification (the highest levels) for all table eggs;
  • Providing on-site USDA verification; and
  • Obtaining third-party audits.

Community Involvement

Ensuring excellent care of our animals, protecting the environment and providing safe, high-quality eggs to our customers are our top priorities. We are also active in the local communities where we live, work and play.

Our families are firmly committed to engaging and giving back in the community. Our team members share in that obligation. Farm managers and company leaders serve on local boards, volunteer for non-profit organizations, and are active in youth sports, churches and other civic endeavors.

Because we are a food company, we contribute to national hunger-relief groups like Feeding America. In our farm communities, we also donate eggs regularly to local anti-hunger organizations, food pantries and soup kitchens.