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Established in Goldfield, Iowa, in 2008, Iowa Cage-Free is one of the largest cage-free egg producers in the country. Having grown significantly over the past decade, Iowa Cage-Free is home to about 2.5 million hens that live in an enriched, cage-free environment and lay about 720 million eggs each year.

Iowa Cage-Free is committed to providing families across the country with safe, affordable and high-quality eggs. Our team is firmly dedicated to responsible farming, which means producing safe eggs, providing excellent care to our flocks, and protecting the environment.​

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Iowa Cage-Free employs more than 130 individuals who work in animal welfare, egg processing, maintenance, transportation, mill operations, management and administrative positions. Each employee is an essential team member who makes a difference and contributes to our shared success.

As part of the Versova Family of Companies, our team operates under Versova’s guiding principles which include servant leadership, continuous improvement, efficiency, stewardship, quality and compliance and execution.

We are hiring! Iowa Cage-Free is always seeking hard working, dedicated individuals to join our teams. Follow the link below to find a position at one of our farms near you.

Iowa Cage-Free is an equal opportunity employer.


Versova Grain

Versova owns and operates feed mills for three of its farms. Our grain sites partner with local farmers to provide feed for our hens. This mutually beneficial relationship provides an added layer of connection to our communities. To meet the needs of farmers, Versova Grain offers a variety of grain contracts including cash, hedge to arrive, basis, delayed pricing and spot. You can read more about each contract here.

Visit the Versova Grain webpage for hours of operation and more details.

Versova Grain

Egg Safety

Iowa Cage-Free has extensive production operations and processes eggs for both shell eggs and liquid eggs on site to ensure quality and freshness before shipping them to customers across the country.

In addition to the several national quality assurance programs our farms participate in, our teams also implement ​on-farm safety practices to ensure the quality and safety of our eggs and egg products. Team members participate in ongoing, intensive training to understand our food safety and handling procedures and policies.


Hen Well-being

The health and well-being of our flocks is the No. 1 priority at Iowa Cage-Free. Our hens can roam in climate-controlled barns where they have continual access to fresh food and water. The enriched, cage-free housing gives our hens space for natural behaviors like perching, scratching and dust bathing, and curtains provide hens with privacy during nesting.

Our flocks are monitored daily by our highly trained animal care team, and promptly treated by on-staff veterinarians when health concerns arise. Our teams are consistently adopting new methods and standards to ensure that our hens are given the highest quality care, and working to continually train animal care team members on proper hen handling to meet Versova’s high animal welfare standards.


Environmental Responsibility


Iowa Cage-Free operates each of its facilities with high regard for the environment and with dedication to being good neighbors within our communities. Our farms follow and enforce a manure management system that’s in place across all of Versova’s farms. Our teams work with local soil and water conservation agencies to ensure our sustainability procedures are efficient and effective, and make recycling and composting a priority on our farms.

In Our Communities

Iowa Cage-Free’s teams play an active role in the local communities by supporting organizations and schools, working with local farmers by contracting their grain products for feed, and educating community members about responsible farming practices.

Our farms are also long-time supporters of hunger relief organizations, donating millions of eggs each year to local food pantries through the Iowa Egg Council’s Cracking Hunger program.


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