Versova, formed in 2016, is a holding company with a shared management team to guide the business functions of a group of farms that includes Centrum Valley Farms, Iowa Cage-Free and Center Fresh Farms in Iowa, as well as Trillium Farms in Ohio.

Versova was formed to bring the dedicated teams of 1,350 employees from these farms together as “One Team” with a meaningful culture and enhanced opportunities for growth and advancement, and to position the farms for innovation, stability and flexibility.

Today, Versova is defined as A family of companies; a company of families. As a family of companies, we have four individual farm companies, each with their own distinct identity. Over time, more companies may join the Versova family as our business in egg production grows.

Of equal importance, Versova is a company of families. Our rich history includes a number of families who grew from deep roots in egg production, including the Deans, Hennings and Boomsmas. There are more than 25 families represented in our partnership and Board, each of which has a voice in our business.

Center Fresh Group established
Center Fresh Group
Iowa Cage-Free established in Goldfield, Iowa
Iowa Cage-Free
Centrum Valley Farms established in north-central Iowa

Trillium Farms established in central Ohio
Centrum Valley Farms/Trillium Farms
Second Iowa Cage-Free farm established in Clearfield, Iowa
Iowa Cage-Free
Versova established to oversee operations of all farms

Our Farms

Center Fresh Group

Located in Sioux Center, Iowa, Center Fresh Group has grown into one of the country’s leading producers of shell eggs and egg products. The company was founded in 1978 by a group of Iowa farming families who shared the same core values that Versova stands by today. The farm manages Hawkeye Pride Farms and Sioux County Egg Farms in Iowa, and also has operations in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, Africa.

Centrum Valley Farms

Established in 2011, Centrum Valley Farms is located in north-central Iowa and brings together more than six decades of egg farming knowledge. Our farms are committed to being open and honest with customers and the public, and to maintaining the highest standards for food safety and quality.

Our eggs are processed and packaged directly on our farms to assure safety, freshness and quality before they are shipped to customers. From our family-owned egg farms to homes and businesses across America, customers can be confident our eggs are farmed responsibly.

Iowa Cage-Free

Established in Goldfield, Iowa, in 2008, Iowa Cage-Free is one of the largest cage-free egg producers in the country. Having grown significantly over the past decade, Iowa Cage-Free is home to about 2.5 million hens that live in an enriched, cage-free environment and lay about 720 million eggs each year.

Hawkeye Pride

Established in Corwith, Iowa, in 2009, Hawkeye Pride is part of the Versova Family of Companies, one of the leading egg producers in the country. Hawkeye Pride is home to hens living in conventional and cage-free housing, and processes both shell eggs and liquid eggs on-site.

Ovation Farms

Ovation Farms was established in 2021 following Versova’s acquisition of a successful egg farm in Thompson, Iowa. Our 240-acre farm is home to one million cage-free hens and pullets and has an 80 ton per hour feed mill. Our eggs are processed and packaged directly on our farms to assure safety, freshness and quality before they are shipped to customers.

Trillium Farms

Established in central Ohio in 2011, Trillium Farms has grown into one of the largest egg producers in the country and produces roughly one-third of all Ohio eggs. Trillium has extensive production operations and processes both shell eggs and liquid eggs on site to ensure quality and freshness.

Our eggs are processed by a team that is committed to food safety, environmental protection and responsible on-farm practices. In addition to our roughly 3.65 billion eggs produced annually, Trillium farms also has 400,000 cage-free hens.

Willamette Egg Farms

Versova acquired Willamette Egg Farms in 2021, making it the first Versova owned and operated egg production facility outside of Iowa and Ohio. Based in Washington and Oregon, Willamette Egg Farms includes two feed mills and three egg-laying farms housing hens all living in organic, cage-free, enriched or traditional environments and producing 46 million eggs each year.